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Conserving Energy since 1955
"Quality Windows at a Fair Price"
Dixie Window sells products which meet or exceed the requirements for the ENERGY STAR® program. The U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency have developed the ENERGY STAR® program to help consumers identify products that save energy. With these products, homeowners can cut their heating and cooling costs, help make their homes more comfortable and reduce air pollution without sacrificing versatility or style.

  • Our vinyl windows come in two colors - White and Beige.
  • Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance-free and require no finishing. And vinyl's advantages are available at competitive cost.
  • Vinyl windows offer builders and homeowners a complete combination
    of economy, practicality, year-round comfort, energy savings and long-lasting, maintenance-free service.
  • The multi-chambered extrusions in vinyl frames are what make them so strong and energy efficient. Vinyl windows are "energy misers" and the frames are always comfortable to the touch indoors, no matter what the weather outside.
  • Vinyl windows are environmentally friendly even while they're being manufactured. It takes relatively little energy to manufacture a vinyl window frame. And the scrap is virtually 100% recyclable. Virtually nothing must go to a landfill.
  • With a wide variety of options. like Low-E glass, inert gasses, reflective films, new styles and other popular features, vinyl windows allow the customer to choose the right windows at the right price.
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